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Frequent Asked Questions

If you don’t find relevant information according to your requirements, then send us message. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

All of our training is delivered online in a virtual classroom, so you can access learning wherever you are and can review our recordings and resources at a later stage if you are not able to make a live class.

Throughout the class you can ask questions and interact with our expert trainers and other students for collective activities.

There are a few things which you will need to have in place before joining one of our remote courses.

  • A good internet connection which can support video conversations
  • A comfortable space to work from
  • An internet connected device with microphone and webcam
  • Registered for a free Zoom account ( and able to join a class via the website or Zoom client

We would recommend a dedicated working area/location, ideally working at a desk with a comfortable chair, in a well lit area, to maximise comfort and protect against poor posture and repetitive strain.

Remember to take breaks, get up and stretch and get fresh air if possible. Having regular breaks helps to improve your focus and guard against fatigue.

Yes, You can and should join one of our courses. Digital skills are vital in every modern workplace. The UK Parliament Select Committee on Digital Skills stated that digital skills should be taught as a third core subject, and treated with same importance as numeracy and literacy.

Every field has been impacted by technology, whether medicine, entertainment, communication or retail making digital skills a must. The digital skills gap should not be something to be afraid of. Rather, it is an opportunity for people of all ages – not just young people – to jump into a new sector or to get a better job in their current one.

Get On began because our founders knew that there was a better way to connect digital education and employment, having shaped national diploma qualifications and directed apprenticeships in government as well as the private and third sectors.

No doubt, a Computer Science degree is helpful in providing a broad insight into a range of technology areas, however, it is painfully apparent that many graduates still struggle to find an IT job despite having invested a small fortune and many years of study.

The majority of digital and software engineering jobs have different requirements: writing clean code, problem-solving, great communication and teamwork skills, networking and data handling knowledge as well as the ability to deliver to deadlines.

The vocational routes offered by Get On Institute have been proven to cover the practical skills a person needs to be hired as a professional in Emerging Technologies.

We will ask you to pay a deposit at the stary of each training programme.

And then the remaining fee should be paid in 3 equal installments after the start of our 6-monthly courses.

We know how each technology links and integrates with other, to make it easier to understand, don’t forget when you would have built your first ever LEGO character. IT technology isn’t different, each component plays its role to compile a big success story, and we don’t miss this fact like others and consider it the right building block as key to success. We bake Technology integration as core part of our course throughout the duration.

Now putting all the knowledge gained on every Saturday into real time practice, designed by experts and executed in industry driven operational environment to provide you real time hands-on, testing, troubleshooting and engineering experience. This is exactly the gap we bridge which often left by universities and other institutes provides technology education, and make you job ready as industry like to see you.

Underpinned by IT operations and to make it a little more exciting and complimented, our expert mentors you how to exactly leverage the team when you don’t know a particular piece of skills-set and how working together could lead to success. Our processes not only make you ready to break the ice with your colleagues but also teach you to help other, be part of the team when working from your home using corporate communication tools.

Being under pressure while learning something is very common, yet better so won’t fret when you are out in industry, our situation handling processes which are compliment to IT Operations, Hands-on experience and team collaboration makes you ready to face hard situations within the team and may be with external customers as sometime you would need to be politically correct. You would not need to worry about entering into the market with sweaty palms anymore and this maximizes the chances of your success from day one.

One of the most pivotal stage of career initiation is interviews and CV preparation, the idea of being evaluated or judged is scary in itself but most importantly, a lot of academic institutes out there don’t help you out on this very step. Get On empowers you into the market with proper interview training and you can create you CV under the supervision of the market experts.

Confidence is key, no matter how good of an IT professional you are, if you’re not able to confidently demonstrate or present your projects or skills, you’re selling yourself short. Get-On Institute molds you that works to boost your confidence level and polish your demonstration and presentation skills.

Many of the academic institutes leave you on your own as soon as you complete your education, where other educational platforms push you in the market and leave you unassisted.

Get On Institute leads you through the constantly evolving market and help you initiate a well-rewarding career.

Our success assistance team keeps a check during and after the completion of your course, in order to make sure that you’re doing great while skilling up and getting the right job after the course completion.

We have a dedicated career coaching team with extensive industry, we provide weekly and 1:1 support to help you launch your IT career. With comprehensive, personalised career support, we’ll do everything in our power to help you get a job.