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Network & Cyber Security Professional Training

Globally, Network & Cyber Security jobs cover a lot of ground. Many firms in need of hiring Network & Cyber Security specialists to maintain their IT/Cloud infrastructure and secure their intellectual property, data & online business.


Network & Cyber Security Engineers provides a fundamental understanding of skills needed to analyze an organisation’s data assets and security measures in order to develop effective procedures to protect a company and therefore enhance its value. Learn to analyse the difficulties of managing the imminent threat of IT security. Our 6 months Network & Cyber Security professional course has taken absolute beginners in IT to corporate Cybersecurity professionals with a diverse portfolio of skills.

Roles You can apply

Job Prospects:

Security Analysts

System Administrator

Network Engineer

Network and Cyber Security Engineers

Infrastructure Engineer

Network Support Specialist

Security Administator

Support Engineer

Our Training Journey

Lets start our training journey to become an Network & Cyber Security Professional

Our Training Journey

Lets start our training journey to become an Expert in Network & Cyber Security


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Salary Indicator

Salary Indicator


Average salary after completing


You can earn an average of £48,250.00 a year


Meet few of our graduates

Ameena Malik

Cyber Security Analyst

Zakria Awal

Support Engineer

Shahid Mahboob

Second Line Security Analyst

Sinisa Suvajac

Support Analyst

Mariam Khan

Support Analyst

Sergio Lopez

Cyber Security Analyst